The Perfect Water Bottle for Day Care Centers

water bottleAs our kids head back to their day care centers, they should be carrying a water bottle. And it’s even more important for them to always have one when they’re participating in sports or other outdoor activities, like recess. But some water bottles are better than others.

The plastic water bottles that are sold by the case are intended for one use only: drink the water then hopefully recycle the bottle. Many people continue to refill those bottles, though, which is not a good idea, since there are studies that show the chemicals that make up that type of plastic actually break down and leach into the water you put in the bottle. Especially if you keep using the same bottle over a long period of time and freeze and refreeze it.

Using glass water bottles that can be refilled over and over and filled with ice is a better choice with no ill effects. They are better for the environment and better for your health. If you’re concerned about sending a glass water bottle with your child, you should know that most glass bottles are double walled, which means the inner glass bottle is surrounded by an outer shell of hard plastic with a silicone layer in between. Or they can be made from BPA-free polycarbonate glass, so they are very durable and built to withstand daily use – even from our kids. Putting the bottle in a silicone case will not only help protect the water bottle, but also make it easier for their little hands to grip, which reduces the chance of the bottle breaking.

Using glass water bottles (or those made without bisphenol A, also known as BPA) makes it convenient to replace those expensive and bad for the environment, one-use bottles. It’s also a healthier way to get the recommended amount of water. Refilling reusable water bottles is easier and more economical than buying cases of water at the store.

Consider buying the perfect water bottle for your child as they head back to school. Making sure they get enough water will be much easier when they have a convenient – and safer – water bottle to carry.

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