Kristina Reese – Owner

Mrs. Kristina is the other owner. She has over 13 years of business management experience. She joined the child care industry upon opening this center. Her main reason for opening our center was to give parents good quality child care at an affordable rate. She understands the cost of child care for families and feels that we can provide exceptional care at a reasonable rate. She is married and has 3 children: Tyler (12), Kiersten (9), and Peyton (7). In her free time, she is a Junior Girl Scout Leader, enjoys movies, camping, and spending time with her family.
Andrea – Director
Mrs. Andrea has been our Director since we opened in March 2005. She has over 17 years in early childhood education. She is a dedicated professional who is committed to early childhood education. She has been a special needs teacher, school-age teacher, and respite caregiver. She is married and has 2 children: Hayden (8) and Evie (3). Besides working and being a mom, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, reading, painting, crafts, and going to the movies. Ms. Andrea has curly blond hair and one day a little girl said, “Ms. Andrea, it looks like you have Ramen noodle hair!”
Josefina – Infants

Ms. Josefina has been our primary infant caregiver since we opened. Her passion is caring for the youngest of our children. Josefina is our resident grandmother who loves our babies. Her own babies are all grown up at 36, 33, and 30 years old. She loves to read, cook, shop, and spend time with her family. Coming to work isn’t much different, though; she takes care of our babies like they are her own. Her favorite part of being with the babies is making them smile.

Adriana – Infants
Jennifer – Toddler Transition

Jenny – Toddler Intro

Jenny is one of our toddler transition teachers and she loves kids! Not only does she have three girls of her own (2, 4, and 12), but she has been working with kids for more than 17 years. She has studied Early Childhood Education at both Rio Salado and University of Phoenix, receiving her Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education. Collecting snowmen and panda bears is a hobby of hers, along with camping, hiking, and scrapbooking.

Michelle – Toddler Intermediate

Ms. Michelle loves working with children, even though she doesn’t have any of her own yet. For more than five years, she has been hearing kids say funny things like, “I like your eyebrows.” One of her favorite things about kids is watching them discover that they can do something by themselves. In her free time, she enjoys photography and spending time with her family.

Kristi – Toddler Advanced

Ms. Kristi has been working with kids for more than 8 years! She has a little one who is three years old and she loves to watch children learn and grow. In her free time, she likes to go shopping and babysit. She just can’t enough kid time!

Amanda – PreSchool Intro
Vanessa – Pre K Intermediate

Ms. Vanessa thinks playing with the kids and teaching them is great, but her favorite part is being there if the kids need her. She loves her family, especially her three children, ages 8, 6, and 2. In her free time, Vanessa likes to spend time with her family and bake cakes.

Becky – Pre-K

For over 10 years, Becky has been working with kids, including her own two boys, ages 8 and 5. One of her favorite things about working in the three’s class is teaching the kids new things and then seeing their faces light up. Becky likes to watch movies, read, and spend time with her boys.

Jamie – Pre-K

Ms. Jamie loves the look on a child’s face when they have accomplished something new. She has two of her own children, ages 7 and 5, and has been working in childcare since 2005. Going to the beach, reading, doing puzzles, and spending time with her kids is what Ms. Jamie likes to do when she is not at work. Once, a child said to her, “I wish I could go to Babies ‘R Us and return my sister for a brother!”

Star – School Age Teacher
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