Make New Friends but Keep the Old at Your Daycare in Gilbert AZ

After 10 wonderful years with Ms. Andrea at your favorite daycare in Gilbert, AZ, she and her family are moving away. Andrea started with us when we opened our doors and has done a wonderful job of being our director. Her love for the kids was obvious in the way she handled the day-to-day logistics of the center. We saw great growth in our staff and in our programs over the 10 years and much of it was due to her hard work. It will be difficult to lose such a great friend and leader, but we wish Ms. Andrea and her family well in their next adventure.

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Welcome, Bernadette!

We are so grateful to have found someone to fill the role of director, though! Meet Bernadette Dennin. She has some great experience that will help our center continue to be a wonderful place for the kids. She has been in the early childhood education field for 40 years and counting. A Child’s Place at the Ranches will be the seventh childcare center where she has been the director. The others were located in California, South Dakota, and Colorado. With each of these positions, she has lived near her own grandchildren in order to be an integral part of their early years of life. Bernadette has five children and seven grandchildren – so far. She enjoys her family very much.

I hold a degree in Early Childhood Education and am always open to future education in this field,” Bernadette says. “I chose this career for my lifetime because I have a heart for teaching children and helping them to be the best they can be.” That is why she holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and continues to learn everything she can that will make her a better director and grandma. We are all excited to have Bernadette join our team at A Child’s Place at the Ranches, your favorite daycare in Gilbert, AZ.

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