Love, Preschool Gilbert AZ Style

preschool Gilbert AZAt A Child’s Place at the Ranches, our preschool Gilbert AZ, we LOVE our kids! Their love of life, love for each other, and love of learning make every day a day of love. It does make the world go ‘round, after all.

But today of all days – Valentine’s Day – we tend to get too caught up in the candy, flowers, and romance. But at the very heart of it all, it is a day of love. And it’s not just about love for your significant other; it’s about everyone in your life that you love! Your kids, parents, family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Show the people in your life that you love them in a personal and unique way. And it doesn’t have to cost anything at all! What are the most meaningful gifts you’ve received in your life? Maybe they were words of encouragement, comfort, gratitude, of love, or a compliment. Those words meant a lot to you; made you feel special – loved.

So write down some loving words. Tell someone you love them. Record a video on your phone about how much you love someone. Sing them a love song. Write them a love poem. Make them a special treat. Draw them a picture that shows how much they mean to you. Just tell them. Tell them how grateful you are that they’re in your life. Tell them how proud of them you are for just being themselves. Tell them how amazing they are and why. Tell them thank you for everything they do. But most importantly, tell them you love them.

This Valentine’s Day, let it be about the love you have for everyone who is important to you. Our preschool Gilbert AZ kids know we love them. Remember, all you need is love.

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